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Information Security Consultant

MEASEC is a team of independent European consultants based in UAE with extensive expertise on Information Security.

Our Featured Services

Embedded Systems Security

Firmware and software applications that permanently resides in an industrial or consumer device (Embedded Systems) can be vulnerable, is more difficult identify the vulnerabilities and the information security risk can be much higher than the normal IT applications.

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Security Resilience

We support organizations in increasing their ability to anticipate and respond to threats arising from sudden or gradual changes in their internal and external context.



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Security Governance

We effectively support the Management in evaluating, directing, monitoring, communicating, and assuring Information Security organization-wide. Contact us to discover more.

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To stay in business, protect the IT perimeter and infrastructure is insufficient. Organizations need to protect their information at the application level from the start (requirements) to the end (operation).

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We are specialized in software security services supported by an innovative product, of which we are the exclusive distributor in the MEA area, for the analysis of software and network equipment security, the latest technological expression of Italian excellence.

Source Code Analysis

Customization Options Available to Fit Your Needs..!

Low-cost, accurate, and super-fast set of tools, 52x Faster than average AppSec tools, based on most modern technologies (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Blockchain), easily integrated to your DevOps, covering more the 40 programming languages.

Firmware security analysis

No need for a related physical device...!

In-depth firmware analysis (binaries, file systems, containers, virtual machines, IoT, UEFI, Appliances, Network Devices, Smart Meters, Surveillance devices, Drones, etc.), allowing you to explore vulnerabilities at the same time to keep the software securely in your own hands, at your premises.


Security Management & Governance, Assurance Audit and Certification, Network and Distributed System Security, Incident Handling and Digital Forensics, Education and Training, Cloud Security are among the many categories of services in our portfolio, enhanced by specializations in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Security and the 5G Security

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